Four Avoidable Insurance Mistakes After a Car Accident

Road accidents happen every day in Atlanta. A car accident could wreck your car, hurt you physically, or even leave you permanently disabled. If either of these occur, chances are you are entitled to damages, so long as you prove you weren’t at fault.

However, people make all kinds of mistakes, especially immediately after a car accident. Such errors, unfortunately, jeopardize their chances of receiving any compensation.The following is four mistakes you want to stay wary of:

1. Failing to Disclose of Prior Injuries

When making an insurance claim, it is not uncommon for insurance companies to point out a previous injury. Insurance companies use this to argue that the car accident did not cause any further harm. Due to this, always inform your insurance company and the attorney about any pre-existing condition.

Under Atlanta’s laws, negligent drivers carry the responsibility for all the injuries caused by the collision; this includes any aggravation from pre-existing conditions. Having a previous injury is explainable; however, failing to disclose the information or lying about it is difficult to explain. Credibility is vital in such a scenario.

2. Failing to Contact an Attorney on Time

A lot of people will only get an attorney when it’s too late. Most of the time, after the claim has been denied. At these points, a lot of damage has already occurred, and the only thing an attorney can do is save the salvageable elements of the case.

Getting an attorney early enough ensures that you get more compensation than you probably would on your own. An attorney also makes sure that all the appropriate insurance companies get notified of the claim.

An attorney ensures that you make a claim for the entire amount of damage your accident entitles you to. Finally, an attorney will protect you from making a mistake that could cost you a significant share of the compensation you would have received.

Insurance companies are continually becoming harder and harder to tackle without a lawyer. It’s worth noting that they are companies in search of profits, not charities. Insurance companies earn their profits by doing as much as they can to pay the least claims. Be that as it may, you must get a car accident law firm to represent you.

3. Failing to Take Pictures of the Accident

If you allow the accident scene to be cleared before taking pictures and analyzing the situation, the debate will be your word against the other party. Images are first-hand evidence. Take a photo of the car and any damage done. Outside the car, take a picture of the skies for the weather. Go all the way to taking photos of the road to reveal signs of any road debris or skid marks.

Documenting the vehicle’s damage is essential, but not as important as documenting the actual state before moving the cars. Such pictures show the positioning of the cars against one another before the removal. Relating the real accident site with factors like traffic lights and where the vehicles rested could play a significant role in winning the insurance claims.

4. Lying About the Occurrences

It’s possible to get a passing thought to lie about the accident’s circumstance, especially if the scenario drives to you being at fault. The biggest problem with this is that there’s a high probability that your claim will be voided due to the misrepresentation. More often than not, the insurance company and its team of professionals get down to the truth of the matter.

Major road intersections are more likely to have traffic surveillance cameras that recorded the whole thing. There may also be some witnesses and any social media posts of the accidents. Therefore, it’s very advisable that you are honest and have an attorney to guide what you say.

It’s All in the Steps You Take

The steps you make after getting involved in a car accident significantly affect the amount of compensation awarded. To protect that right to a fair settlement, you must avoid making simple avoidable mistakes as outlined above.