Apple Thunderbolt Display

Foxconn, Apple’s main manufacturing partner in China, is gearing up for the production of the Apple Television – the “iTV” – according to a new interview with Terry Gou, Chairman of the company.

The interview, which was published in English-language newspaper China Daily, noted that Foxconn is “making preparations” for the iTV, however production of the much-rumored HDTV has note yet begun.

Apple Thunderbolt Display

Preparations have thus far included a joint venture factory with Sharp, who has been rumored in the past to be the supplier of the Apple Television’s high-definition display panel.

According the report, the iTV will feature aluminum construction, Apple’s voice-assistant Siri and FaceTime video calls.

This latest report echoes details which emerged last week that suggested that the Apple TV will feature a design similar to that of Apple’s Thunderbolt display, but larger, and would feature Siri and iSight cameras with motion-tracking and facial recognition for more natural video calling.