Fraud Prevention Tools Customized For Your Business

Today, businesses use a wide variety of high-tech devices, software, and other tools that increase their revenues. New models, programs, and services are constantly appearing. Simultaneously with the development of such devices and online forms of business, new types of fraud appear that aim to defraud companies and their clients. Even a small percentage of fraudulent transactions can quickly lead to huge financial losses if the company does not have the necessary fraud prevention tools and anti-fraud system in place.

When businessmen have to deal with fraud, the question arises on which fraud prevention tools to choose. Businesses should think of going for an anti-fraud system that will satisfy their goals and objectives. There is no one single universal decision for all business tasks. However, there are fraud prevention tools that will be the best solution in most cases.

Innovative Fraud Prevention Tools by Covery 

Online platform Covery has been fighting fraud and money laundering since 2016. Covery offers a set of innovative tools to combat different forms of fraud. Highly demanded and proven services help to ensure the detecting and neutralizing the threat of fraudulent activities against financial institutions and merchants. Since 2016, Covery

  • Analyzed more than 5 billion user actions 
  • Prevented more than 300 million risky actions thanks to its highly advanced risk management software.  

Machine Learning Technologies For Fraud Detection 

Covery fraud detection tools are based on advanced IT technologies and machine learning. Scammers are very inventive. As soon as the usual schemes become ineffective, they immediately change tactics. However, with advances in machine learning technology, the anti-fraud system can 

  • Learn
  • Adapt
  • Find new ways to prevent fraud.

Most Popular Fraud Prevention Tools by Covery 

The most effective fraud prevention tools by Covery are:

  • Trustchain. This tool detects and isolates bots and fraudsters thanks to reputation records.
  • Device Fingerprinting. This intelligence technology collects device data and secures users from bot attacks, fraudulent traffic, account hijacking, etc.
  • KYC Automation. This procedure protects financial transactions and other commercial activities from all types of fraud and money laundering.
  • Behavioral Analysis. This anti-fraud procedure is aimed at scoring the risks on each step of the sales routine. Thanks to it, customers efficiently increase fraud declines and essentially save their resources.

Fraud detection with Covery will guarantee the instant identification of scammers. Its risk management software protects numerous companies from Europe, the USA, and other countries of the world. Covery will help to find your personal solution and customize fraud prevention tools for the needs of your business. Your fraud detection system will work with a 100% guarantee!