Free MP3Box App: Millions of Songs on iPhone with No Storage Required

Listening to one and the same song or even artist makes you bored. There is always not enough tracks to suite the mood and so you start dreaming of an iPhone with the free space like one you have on your personal PC to fill it with the music ocean. But it’s not necessary. With Free MP3Box for iPhone created by Freemake hundreds and thousands of audio tracks are available in your iPhone for free. And it’s no matter how much free space is available on your iOS device. And it is not magic. Well, may be, a little bit.


Tons of Music in your iPhone

Free MP3Box is a very stylish app, which design is really eye-pleasing right on launching. When you face the search menu, you need to type in the search bar the name of the artist or the song title. The song is found and you are free to listen to it and enjoy.

How does it happen? Free MP3Box is based on YouTube search. It finds the required path on YouTube and streams it online. So, you can find any song and any artist and listen to it without downloading or third-party installations. You don’t have to bother not only about your head, but also about your purse as this procedure is absolutely and completely free.


Weightless Videos

But not only music is available here. In the player mode you are free to watch official video of the track as well. As YouTube is free and open for everyone, you will be glad to watch legal and free video clips for every song you wish: from Madonna to Rammstein, from Chopin to The Rolling Stones.

But if your Internet connection is poor and you have no way to watch the video, you can always switch the traffic economy mode on and enjoy listening to music without watching its visual representation.


Hashtags as the Way to Get More

If your favorite artists are already well-known, if their albums are known from top to bottom, if all the songs are so habitual, you can take a fly to new music horizons. For this you can use hashtags. These hashtags are not the part of social reality, they are connected with music terms.

For example, if you are a fan of a certain music field, type its name like #rock, #pop #indie and so on, and get a lot of music, related to the direction. And if you are just a music lover, check the best music ever with the hashtag #bestoftheworld, #bestof10years is for most recent hits and #trend is for hot and brand new.


Radio Discoveries

And if it is still not enough, you are free to listen to your favorite radio stations right in this app. Or find new ones using the procedure of hashtags as well. So, if you type #rock, you will explore the stations playing rock music, and the #pop reveals dancing popular music. Add the most interesting radio stations to Favorites and listen to them anytime you want.

And by the way, don’t forget to add to Favorites just tracks because otherwise you risk losing them in the bottomless cup of songs. Surely, you will be able to delete the ones you are no more interested in.

Well, all in all, Free MP3Box is the right app for those, who love listening to music and explore new audio discoveries. Besides, this is for you if your Internet connection is strong, but the storage space is not sufficient. Or just, if you like listening to high-quality legal music and discover hot charts, you won’t ever be disappointed.

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