FreeCast offers a singular platform where you can access all your favorite shows and movies online. The service works on nearly every modern device and is a cable replacement for local broadcasts and network feeds.

FreeCast – Initial Impressions

As someone who struggles to watch streaming shows, I found FreeCast to be intuitive and helpful. FreeCast can be accessed on any browser and through the app, eliminating the need to juggle multiple streaming apps to catch up on the latest content.

Initial downloading is nice and easy, and I registered for an account. After logging in, I’m greeted by a familiar layout where categories and tabs are found on the left side, and content takes center stage. I could do a search and relevant results are shown in the middle of the screen.

FreeCast- the Experience

Adding multiple streaming subscriptions is done in one place- all you have to do is enter your subscriber credentials and it will be saved. From there, you can start browsing through Movies and TV Shows to find what you like.

As for the Live Channels, FreeCast gathers local news and popular broadcast networks and curates them into a single feed. Currently, the category has hundreds of channels, but the company promises thousands from NBC, FOX, ABC, and CBS, to name a few. This meant that I could cut the cable and just browse on FreeCast, further simplifying my viewing habits.

I did a search for a new movie that wasn’t readily found on most services, and FreeCast pointed me to one (it was on Disney+), along with relevant information. I paid the entrance fee and started watching without having to search Google and find out where the movie was. This for me is one of the most important features of FreeCast, and a very helpful one at that.

The Verdict- Should You Download FreeCast?

FreeCast is made for streaming service subscribers and those who frequently watch movies and shows on similar platforms. In addition, if you have a cable subscription and need to watch local news and network content, then you can further simplify your home setup with this all-in-one streaming platform.