Future Gaming Gadgets Set to Revolutionise Gaming
Future Gaming Gadgets Set to Revolutionise Gaming

Technology innovation is moving at a rapid pace, and one part of the industry that is seeing the most change is gaming. In the next few years’ new technologies will be gaining popularity and will revolutionise the way we play our games. With that in mind we decided to take a look at just a few set to make the way you play games even more fun.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the big technology that is gaining ground with gamers right now. The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift may be expensive, and need a high-end PC to run, but they show what is possible. While the games that they play may mostly feel like technology demonstrations right now, it won’t be long before you are playing the latest zombie infested FPS, or grab best of online bingo in a virtual bingo hall.

Augmented reality is also on the horizon, with Microsoft’s HoloLens promising exciting things. It will be interesting to see how AR competes with VR though, as it does seem with the Vive, Rift, and PlayStation VR, virtual reality will be the gamer’s choice.

VR Suits

To fully experience a realistic virtual reality world, there needs to be a realistic form of input. While handheld controls do work to a point, there are still better ways being created. One of these ways are devices like the PrioVR Suit. This wearable technology translates your movements into movements in the virtual world, giving the wearer a more believable way of interacting with the new world.

Gaming Mice

Not all gaming in the future will be through virtual reality, that means that there are still more ways for technology to impact gaming. One of these is through a gaming mouse like the Naos Quantified Gaming Mouse. What makes this mouse special is that it takes readings from the user, taking data such as heart rate, skin responses, and actions per minute. The data from these sensors can then be relayed to the user, or even used in-game to tailor their experience.

There are many ways technology is shaping the world of gaming, and this is just one of them. Do you think that virtual reality is the next big thing? It may not be ready to take over the world just yet, but it looks like it is going to give it a good try in the future.

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