Apple iPhone gamers rejoice!

Apple iPhone home button gaming joystick (4)

According to the latest patent applications that Apple made with the USPTO, it seems that the Cupertino giant aims to provide a better gaming platform on its flagship smartphone. Apple seems to be venturing on ways on how to improve the iPhone to capture the gaming market. The said patent applications might open the possibility of having the iPhone’s home button work as a gaming joystick as well.

This is not a joke.

The accompanying images that were used for the said patent applications show that the home button will slightly poke out from its original position and it will double as a gaming joystick for easier and more comfortable iPhone gaming. Though the patent description appear a little vague, it illustrated that the home button slash gaming joystick will have a hardware that gives almost the same functionality like a regular gamepad.

Apple iPhone home button gaming joystick (1)Apple iPhone home button gaming joystick (2) Apple iPhone home button gaming joystick (3)

Of course, having the home button work as a gaming joystick will offer many advantages for mobile phone gamers. For one, the finger or fingers will no longer cover a large part of the display when playing. The increased screen real estate available for gaming will allow developers to make improved game interfaces, which will be beneficial to gamers in return.

One drawback of having the home button working as a gaming joystick is that it will require more parts to create, and more moving parts for that matter. Thus, it can make the home button more susceptible to damage.

The said patent applications were done by Apple in the third quarter of 2013. Since then, a lot of time has already pass and it is likely that they have integrated this technology on their new devices. Who knows, the next iPhone might already come with this functionality.

What do you think? Are you excited to see and use an iPhone with a gaming joystick home button?

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