G.O.D. [God of Defense] iPhone App Review

Price: Free    Score: 6/10     Category: Games

G.O.D. [God of Defense]  is a new castle-defense game by MGAME Corp.  This iPhone app differs from other similar titles in that instead of buying and upgrading troops, you are a god defending your castle and you upgrade only your godly powers.

G.O.D. is easy to learn, and though it has no tutorial, it comes with a to-the-point tutorial video that can be revisited.

As a god, you have a gloved hand on the screen which controls fire, plasma and ice powers.  You can also buy and upgrade other items and skills. Blood is the currency, won by defeating the enemy, but currency can also be purchased for cash. In addition to the tutorial, you can also view a detailed guide to the enemy to help with strategy as you unlock new adversaries.

The art is an attractive fantasy style, and has some good graphic effects. The enemies aren”t anything new to fantasy game players, but the familiar bad guys look good in G.O.D., with solid animation.

The controls are, unfortunately, awkward and unnatural. To cast a spell, you must move the gloved god”s hand to the desired location with your left hand, while tapping the fire button nbso online casino reviews with your right.

This might work for a Gameboy, but on a thinner iPod or iPhone without physical buttons, it can be difficult and frustrating. G.O.D. also makes use of the tilt sensitivity, requiring you to tilt the device when placing magic squares.  Tilt is exciting and novel when first tried, but in any game that requires any degree of precision, it is just annoying.

Bottom line: G.O.D. [God of Defense] is an average castle defense game that does  requires some strategy to advance levels, but it doesn”t bring enough new to this genre to make up for the awkward controls.

G.O.D. [God of Defense] is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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