Gabito Rohh's Story of Finding Success in His Passion

The name Gabito Rohh is well-known in the kids fashion industry, but it wasn’t always that way. As it turns out, perserverance and pursuing your passion can lead to a very successful career.

Gabito Rohh hails from Caracas and has an unusual heritage. Growing up, he was diagnosed with TDAH, now known better as ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and had to go to Houston to get the condition under control.

After overcoming a difficult condition Gabito pursued his studies and graduated with a Business Administration in Marketing degree. Afterwards, he began working for some of the finest fashion companies like LCWaikiki, Primark and Inditex. He also began traveling around the world, including Turkey, Cambodia, India and China.

He pursued his passion to become a photographer and went on to further his career, going on fashion shows in the UK, New York and Spain. He took on jobs taking pictures of children’s wear and soon became recognized by show organizers for his exemplary work.

By now Gabito Rohh focused on helping kids further their fashion career. Happy Kids Media was launched and became a starting point for many aspiring children models. He bridged the connection between the children and fashion events such as IFEMA, Petit Style Walking, CPM Moscow and Pitti Bimbo, among others. To date, Gabito has worked with more than 50 children’s brands and organized fashion shows to help them in their career. He also had a hand in several editorial pieces.

Today, Gabito Rohh continues to further his career and owns a studio where he continually produces excellent work in the kids fashion industry. In his off time Gabito spends most of his days with his wife, their two kids and their family dog.

Gabito Rohh’s work can be found on his website, and on his Instagram page,