You have to give credit to Samsung with the newly-announced Galaxy S4 Mini: it knows how to produce phones of all sizes and designs for its broad consumer base. Customization is one thing that works for Samsung (not to mention Android manufacturers in general). With its recent Galaxy S3 (less than one year old), new Galaxy S4, its Galaxy Notes I and II, and Galaxy Megas 5.8 and 6.3, Samsung has proven that it knows how to make bigger screens and pack additional pixels. The current GS4 stands with a whopping PPI (pixels per inch) of 441, and Samsung used a new diamond-shaped pixel rendering in order to achieve greater pixels in another of its Galaxy S wonders. All of this testifies to Samsung’s ability to provide more for your buck.

Galaxy S4 Mini- Samsung's iPhone 5S Challenger

At the same time, Samsung has not been too adept at making smaller size smartphones, say, phones that have a display that is 4.5 inches or less. While some prefer a large screen to watch movies and videos as well as play video games, others like the feel of a smartphone that you can hold in one hand. Samsung has stated in prior days that it finds innovation present in consumer demand and that “we get most of our ideas from the market”; the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is, thus, another of the market’s ideas. Its arrival on the market this summer is a result of what consumers want.

All of a Sudden: Galaxy S4 Mini Announcement

Pictures of the Galaxy S4 Mini leaked earlier this month earlier this month, and Samsung posted the Galaxy S4 Mini on its website before moving it. The general consensus regarding the GS4 Mini, as revealed by the Wall Street Journal, was that it would be revealed at Samsung’s Premier Event in London on June 20th (as would the waterproof Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Zoom), but Samsung had other plans.

Just yesterday morning, Samsung beat its own June 20th announcement and announced the arrival of its Galaxy S4 Mini. According to Simon Stanford, the President of the IT and Mobile Division in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Samsung’s new GS4 Mini provides consumers with a “hold in one hand” experience : “This new handset is the ideal smartphone companion for anyone who wants a compact device packed with innovation.”

Galaxy S4 Mini Specs and Features

It is no secret that the Galaxy S4 Mini is a smaller GS4 smartphone that will work Samsung’s Galaxy S4 nomenclature to the company’s advantage. The question for consumers is whether or not the Galaxy S4 Mini is a win-win for them. That depends on what you’re looking for, but we provide you with the following specs and features on which to base your decision:

* 4.3-inch, full HD display

* 1.7Ghz, dual-core processor

* 1.9-megapixel (MP), front-facing camera (HD)

* 1.5GB of RAM

* 8GB of internal memory storage (5GB available after Samsung’s added software and OS occupy a set amount of storage space)

* MicroSD card slot provides an additional 64GB of storage

* WiFi: 802.11a/b/g/n

* Bluetooth 4.0

* NFC (LTE version only)



* OS: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI

* accelerometer

* digital compass

In addition to the above specs, Samsung intends to manufacture three versions of the Galaxy S4 Mini: 1) a 4GLTE version, 2) 3G version, and a dual-SIM version. Recent reports suggest that the iPhone 5S will maintain the current display size of the iPhone 5, so the Galaxy S4 Mini looks to take on its rival this Fall. While some may prefer the Galaxy S4 and think that “bigger is better,” others think that a smaller smartphone will do just fine.