Though it is gone now, for a short time at least, there was Galaxy S4 mini ‘proof of life’ on the Samsung App Store. Immaculate perception? Marketing miracle? Step inside.

The good folks at TGSpot found it first on Samsung’s official apps site — why does Sammy “need” its own app store and why leak the Galaxy S4 mini therein? Mysteries, all.


It is believed that the Galaxy S4 mini will be powered by a dual-core 1.6GHz SnapDragon processor, sport a Super AMOLED (960 x 540) display and offer an 8 megapixel camera. Of course, it will be somewhat smaller than its big brother, which has a 5-inch display — perhaps 4.3 inches.

And, this is well-trodden ground for Samsung, which released a mini version of their popular S III model.

Although Samsung hasn’t let the date slip and no firm rumors have appeared, TechCrunch opines that the Galaxy S4 mini will ship sometime this Summer, which doesn’t officially begin until Friday June 21. And, for what it’s worth, ends on Monday, September 22.

Is the Galaxy S4 mini the smartphone you’ve been waiting for? Sound off in the comments below…

via Mashable

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