Galaxy S5 Launches Worldwide Alongside New Smartwatches

Samsung latest flagship, the Galaxy S5, has officially launched around the world and is available in 125 countries. The phone, which is priced slightly lower than its predecessor, has received high ratings from reviewers but many people are still saying that it fails to provide a true “wow” factor.

Galaxy S5 Launches Worldwide Alongside New SmartwatchesDuring the past few quarters, Samsung’s operating profits have slid, so it is reliant on a major flagship like the S5 to be successful in order to boost profits once again. The majority of Samsung’s Galaxy devices have done well on the market and in 2013, Samsung as a whole controlled 30% of the smartphone industry.

Some customers in Europe were able to get the S5 early (last night) if they had already pre-ordered the device but now that the worldwide launch is here, people can go into stores and purchase the S5.

With the fastest processor on the market, higher overall specs, new fitness features, etc, the S5 is definitely a good upgrade for some people. Though looking at the device is like looking at the S4 in almost every way.

One of the nice things about the latest Samsung flagship is that it is water-resistant (like all new phones really should be), which means that if you happen to get the device wet, it is not going to be ruined.

Alongside the S5 are the three new Gear smartwatches, all of which are available online and in-stores right now.

At the same time as Samsung is launching its new flagship around the world, it is locked in another major legal battle with Apple, which claims that the company copied some of its patent-protected ideas. Apple is hoping to achieve a $2 billion settlement and depending on the outcome, some devices could be banned as well. Previously, Apple won its suit against Samsung but received far less money than it is now asking for.

Question – Are the S5’s improved specs and features enough to make you upgrade?


Summary: Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has now launched around the world in 125 markets. It is priced lower than the S4. All of the new Gear smatwatches are available as well.

image credit: ibtimes