Out with the old and in with the new. It is that time of the year, fandroid guys and gals — here comes the new Samsung Galaxy S5. So, if you have an older Galaxy, HTC or iPhone now is the time to sell it.

When it comes to selling older surplus electronics, there is always a tradeoff between convenience and price. Yes, you can quickly and easily trade in that Galaxy S4 with your carrier, but you won’t get much money for it.

Somewhat less convenient and somewhat more lucrative are the professional gadget resellers, like Gazelle and UpgradeSwap. Whereas you don’t instant gratification, like you can at a carrier, these two services make it fast and easy to cash so you can buy that shiny new Galaxy S5.






Galaxy S4




Galaxy S3








iPhone 5s




iPhone 5c




iPhone 5




iPhone 4s



For what it’s worth, the above estimates are for unlocked (AT&T), white/silver, entry-level models with baseline storage.

The Back Alley to a Galaxy S5

Craigslist and eBay are the two places where you are most likely to get the most money, but there are pratfalls.

eBay, for its part, nibbles at the cash you will receive with fees. Also, if you become involved in a lost, broken or returned product dispute, it can quite literally months.

Craigslist, the online classifieds site, has the most potential for a fast profit. However, Craigslist is riven with weirdos, shysters and thieves. Though your chances of encountering evil are low, woe betide the unprepared!

That said, when selling via Craigslist, ask lots of questions and only meet people in public places. You could add a $100 or more (your mileage WILL vary) to the price you can get.

Ready to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S5? How will you see your old smartphone?

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    Jason Miller

    Nice article but after checking those prices myself, I see the unlocked iPhones on UpgradeSwap’s site are actually much more than you listed. I think you listed just the AT&T version pricing. For example the iPhone 5S Unlocked on UpgradeSwap fetches $400 instead of $325 and the iPhone 5 Unlocked $260 instead of the $195 price you listed. Just saying…you listed the unlocked prices for the iPhones from Gazelle’s site, not the price for an AT&T iPhone.

  2. Avatar
    Ron Carlson

    The prices, they go up and they go down… C’est la vie.

    Go to Amazon and check the prices of the same three items at three different times of the day. There’s a very good chance they will be different each time you visit.

    Just saying.

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