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Gallery 3D Live Wallpaper is an application which can drastically transform the way your Android device looks, thanks to some beautifully designed 3D wallpapers and effects.

Upon opening the app,you’ll be greeted by a list of brilliantly built wallpapers, ranging from enchanted forests to magical smoke effects.

You can freely select and preview numerous wallpapers, some of which are completely free, whilst others require you to purchase them. However, even the priced wallpapers are available for preview.


Beautifully Personal

The previews offered by Gallery 3D Live Wallpaper give an excellent insight into how your device will look once you apply or buy the theme you like.

You can also tinker with a number of extensive options relating to the different wallpapers, including slide show speed, definition quality, and so forth.

Particle Effects can also be added, which give a twist to all of the wallpapers on offer. You can add rain effects, snow, falling leaves, and much more. You can even specify how heavy you want your particles to be.

Additionally, if you’re not loving the default wallpapers, you can add the same effects to pictures from your personal library too.


Gallery 3D Live Wallpaper Design & Interface

Gallery 3D Live Wallpaper has a lot to offer in terms of themes, and thanks to well designed menus, they’re all extremely to browse through and preview.

Most of the beauty resides in the 3D wallpapers, it’s fair to say that Gallery 3D Live Wallpaper have a done a good job of keeping the app’s buttons and interfaces clean and uncluttered.

Although it must be said that the app and its features can take some getting used to at first, overall, it’s difficult to fault the design, and it’s almost impossible to dislike the mesmerizing wallpapers that lie within.

Final Remarks

Sometimes, standard wallpapers can make your Android device seem a bit boring. If you find that to be the case, Gallery 3D Live Wallpaper may just have the solution.

The 3D designs are both stunning to look at, and a joy to interact with, as you tilt the face of your device to experience more of the wallpaper, and even touch your screen to make splashes in digital water.

All in all, Gallery 3D Live Wallpaper does a brilliant job of sprucing up your Android Device’s interface. Although many of the themes require payment, there is quite enough 3D wallpaper to go around, especially when you begin combining your own images into the mix.

Download Gallery 3D Live Wallpaper& Widgets from Google Play on Android devices running Android 2.3.3 and up.