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Gaming Beginner’s Guide Complete Commentary on Football in Thailand



Gaming Beginner's Guide Complete Commentary on Football in Thailand

Sports betting is a popular bet for the most enjoyable time, as you can bet while watching the game. Football is the most popular sport in Thailand, so of course, football is the most popular sports betting. Bettors always set odds to make a profit. However, setting odds in football betting is more difficult than roulette due to the calculations’ complexity, then it easier than you think.

In sports football betting, knowing the information before others is key to successful betting. Instead of wasting time trying to get soccer betting tips, tipsters collect as much information as possible, analyze the possible impact of the ทีเด็ดบ้านผลบอล (Home results) and information on the market, and then should place bets accordingly. It is the best way to win in football betting.  

Therefore if you are interested to know about football betting, you read the article from top to bottom. You can also join with วิเคราะห์บอล69 (Football analysis 69) to get a genuine match analytical report and prediction to improve your winning chances.   

Part-1: The Most Prevalent Betting Types of Football

1. Asian Handicap Betting:

Asian handicap also judges the result by adding the handicap with the odds that you bet to the match result’s score, but unlike the 3way handicap, there is no draw option.

2. Over / Under Betting:

The odds to expect the total number of goals for both teams at the end of the match will be higher or lower than the set standard value. If you bet on over 2.5, you can hit 2-1, 3-0, 3-2, etc., if you move a total of 3 points or more. If it is under 1.5, it is correct if it is 2 points or less such as 0-0, 1-0. This over-under is presented under various conditions such as the entire match, only the first half, and only the home team’s goals.

3. Match Betting:

This is the soccer odds. It is a bet that predicts the result of only 90 minutes (first half and additional time) with three choices. In addition to match betting, it is also called 3way (three-way) or 1×2 (one-by-two). In the Thailand bookmaker, it is written as “Win / Loss Prediction.”

4. Draw No Bet:

As the name implies, if the 90-minute result is a draw, the bet is invalid, and the odds are refunded. Two choices, home win or away win. The odds are lower than normal win/loss expectations, as the draw options have been cut down.

Part-2: Two Successful Tips to winning Football Betting:

Analysis of Football Betting:

Before starting football betting, you must analyze the team’s current situation, then place a bet. Without proper analysis, you can’t improve your winning chances. In that case, you should check the teams whether any player injuries, previous performance, team bonding combination, and variation of the team member.

Besides,  whether the game satisfies the conditions, there was what game, and you should find out if the match that meets the requirements of the case, which has continued to bet on (closing line) balance of payments (reimbursement rate of the total).

Watch Football Match and Read News Paper:

If you are watching the game, it can help you understand the game rules and knowing your betting team’s capability. Actually, when you live watching the game, you can get more betting options and take placed bets by understanding the overall situation.

Besides, you can also read the latest sports news from various soccer.  Many daily lists recommended teams to pick and bet on the day. Many of these picks are set randomly. It will recommend looking up odds and picks from credible sites before betting a match. It is an overwhelmingly abundant special betting trick that can help you make a cash return for each deposit and withdrawal.