GoDaddy Cleaned Servers for 2019, BlueHost Added Coupons

If there has ever been a prime time to launch an internet business, it is today.   Older people are lost in the work world, trying to keep up with technology changes.  Young people are becoming millionaires and billionaires before 30 years of age, faster than ever.  This is “Generation $” if you have your eyes open.  Therefore, as it was in the Brick & Mortar days, the key to launching a web business is having the right foundation. Internet hosting services provider & domain registrars are tailoring themselves to have a golden image and the best prices. In 2 striking moves, the major service provider Godaddy banned 15,000 sites that were making their servers look bad.  While the war on spam sites went up, competitor Bluehost took down prices of their domains & hosting to attract new clientele.  It’s like a hosting & domains mafia war.

Why the coupons and discounts?

While GoDaddy made its way to the top of hosting companies offering the best rates online, they have cut back on many the prior savings pitches.  The days of a discount on a domain or hosting account renewals is dead as of 2019.   Therefore, the rival service Bluehost is going for the jugular, hoping to bring some of the clients missing lower rates to their brand.

A 2019 bluehost coupon code has just appeared for this month, offering users and new users up to 75% off all hosting plans.  Also, the company is giving away free domains with purchases of hosting plan,  which is usually a $9 fee and more with private registration.

Bluehost is one of the longest established hosting provided on the internet today.  Launched in 2003, Wikipedia says it has over 2 millions registered to its servers and Umbrella brands. The sister service providers of HostMonster, iPage, and FastDomain were annexed or created by the brand in past years to strengthen it’s reach.  Located in Provo, Utah

The launch of this coupon code is interesting because it comes at a time where Godaddy has their sights focused on something totally different.  It’s almost as if the Bluehost company is making a chess move, knowing that google trends shows a rising number of searches for ‘Godaddy coupon.’  However, Godaddy is not seemingly focused on this as they are more focused on cleaning up their house.

Banning of 15000 SubDomains

During this clash of the domain & hosting titans, Godaddy’s focus was quite different from Bluehost.  It appears they are beyond coupon codes trends and more interested in being a majority if not completely, ‘white hat’ business service.  Offering a ton of discount has gotten them a lion’s share of internet business, including too many black hat marketers.    Therefore, Godaddy has taken the time to clean house, deleting 15,000 of the rogue client’s subdomain sites.  The deleted sites were too spammy for Godaddy’s policies.

Projects removed from the ‘Big Daddy’ of the hosting & domains focused on niches in the pharmaceutical world according to news site   These shady subdomains mostly sold phony pharma goods under false or mislead pretenses.   Godaddy teamed with web security firm Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 to investigate these subdomains and their practices for 2 years.     That data will likely now be used in the fight of keeping such sites off of the GoDaddy servers, which is great news for other customers.  This lessens the risk of being hit by penalty by Google, as they can associates sites as ‘same organization’ when on the same server.   Godaddy has hundreds-of-thousands of servers likely in their Phoenix, AZ hub but 15k shady subdomains can affect thousands of people’s sites.

The way Godaddy cancelled many of the websites was because of the usage of similar templates across hundreds of domains.  Affiliate marketers of bogus pharmaceutical trials live and thrive off the phrase, “if the sales landing page is working, reuse it.”   Therefore, the sweeping of subdomains and websites was a little easier then initially thought to be.

GoDaddy Growth

The move goes to show somewhat why Godaddy has 4x the clientele of most its competitors.   The clean sweep is a ‘quality control focus’  versus the general worry of  profit margins. The average internet entrepreneur won’t think or need such long term values in there business model, but the big fish have to go to Godaddy with moves like this.

The end rewards of such genius moves by Godaddy is incredibly rewarding.  The Motley fool reports the hosting & domains company saw earnings quadrupled in the first four months of 2019.   Stock prices (NYSE: GDDY) of the brand have went from $63 per share to $75.50 as of today in the last 6 months.

Need a laugh today? Watch the hilarious uncut GoDaddy videos that were banned from television, below.    The brand still keeps up its original concept of ‘Big Daddy’, though they chose the name of “GoDaddy.”