Google AdSense: Increase the Engagement of Your Audience
Google AdSense: Increase the Engagement of Your Audience

Do you get frustrated trying to get more visitors? Do you feel like all of your content and posts are in vain? Never fear! Google Adsense comes to the rescue with a new e-book to help you increase the engagement of your audience.

You might feel like it’s pretty much impossible to get a hit on your website these days. I mean, there are over a trillion other sites out there; surely they’re busy on those other sites, right?

This isn’t the case! With a Better, More Engaging Website, You Can Aspire For Great Things Too!

Google recently developed a new e-book with all kinds of tips to guide your website to success, gathering more engagement through better practices that get you higher results on Google search engines. Jay Castro from the AdSense team at Google released a report suggesting that over 61 percent of all users leave sites immediately if they don’t find the information that they’re looking for right away. The goal, they say, is to make sure that you keep them there by any means necessary. This drives up your site’s comparative usefulness, promoting higher overall search engine ratings.

Google Adsense Admits, There’s No “Easy Solution” or “Clever Hack” to Immediately Get Results

Castro says, “Unfortunately there’s no ‘clever hack’ to keep. . . users engaged. You [have to] understand the intent of your users [and continue] providing unique content that’s relevant to their interests [and you’ll soon] be [well] on your way to increasing traffic and engagement on your site.”

About the Google Adsense E-Book

The download is completely free, and it promises to teach you all about engaging more viewers and keeping them on your site. You can find the download here. To warn you, the download is called “AdSense Guide to Audience Engagement.” They’re going to ask you a series of questions regarding your AdSense use (including your monthly page views, primary website (URL) address, and your country of origin. They’ll ask you about receiving more information from AdSense, and after you sign up, you can download to your heart’s content.

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