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Google Adwords

In a May 24th blog post, Google Inside AdWords highlighted the importance of understanding mobile and mobile services. Alongside some interesting statistics; what Google AdWords discovered about mobile technology will be explained in this article.

Without a doubt, Google is the foremost expert on mobile technology and the importance of integration. In a recent AdWords blog post, Google explains how several trillion searches go through Google every year. On average, over half of these searches occur on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices (including wearables).

Google Explains How Important Our Phones Are to Us

Google even published several surveys that show how important a user’s cell phone is to their day-to-day lives, including the terminology that people use to describe their devices (with a noticeable trend toward several expressions like “attached to my hip,” “personal butler,” and “lifeline to the outside world”). In many situations, smartphones are like friends or companions, and they seem to provide all the answers to our problems in our high-tech, complicated world.

Understanding How Customers Operate From Utilization of Google AdWords

Google is regularly approaching the ways that AdWords is designed; in the hopes of increasing the creative potential available to users, as well as workflows, measurements, and efficiency. These changes will hopefully affect the ways that digital and physical worlds interact, providing up to 50% faster searches and higher quality to users with re-imagined services.

How Google AdWord is Putting Mobile-First

Google reinforces the idea of change and growth with their new developments to AdWords, enabling Universal App Campaigns to spread further across the internet, making these services more available to iPhone Operating Software (iOS), as well as allowing advertisers to optimize campaigns to meet their specific needs.

This would include:

  • Moving ads to the right-hand side of the desktop to improve search experiences and make it more consistent across the web.
  • Optimize the size of the screen on web pages to extend AdWords across more area, allowing users to showcase more information. This will give users the ability to showcase more information about goods, deals, and services (to help encourage people to click more on Google advertisements). Google says that this is one of the biggest changes since they developed AdWords.
  • Display relevant URL’s to make advertisements more reliable and accurate. This will make users feel more comfortable clicking on different advertisements.

Will These Changes Help Advertisers Advertising on Mobile Devices?

Google already reports increases on click-through rates of almost 1 in 5 (or 20%). Expect ads to be more responsive, with more native inventories to give users all of the details. Advertisers will be happy to know that Google will now be providing the design for responsive ads; all that will be needed are headlines, descriptions, images, and URLs to get your message on the web, in a format that appeals to mobile audiences.

Check out the keynote speech posted by Google, or the new AdWords Marketing Goals site to find more information. Both will help you learn more about the range of ads offered, analytics innovations, and ads solutions for your business approach.

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