Google Agreed To Help Samsung During Apple Patent Lawsuit

Google Agreed To Help Samsung During Apple Patent LawsuitNewly unveiled documents show that prior to the start of Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung, Google promised that it would help with both the legal costs and part of the damages, if Samsung lost.

Since the beginning of this particular patent dispute, Google has been more involved than usual, since some of the patents were allegedly infringed upon by Google rather than Samsung. Although Apple is only going after Samsung–at least, in the court system–the use of Google’s services is part of what got Samsung in trouble, so Google is very much involved with this case, whether it wants to be or not.

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As soon as Apple made the claim Tuesday that Samsung was seeking indemnification–protection from damage costs–it restated earlier claims from Samsung that Google’s wasn’t involved. However, Apple was ready with a video testimony from one of Google’s patent lawyers explaining that the company did have that sort of agreement with Samsung.

Google may not be officially involved in the case from the court system’s perspective, but early on Samsung stated that the case was more an attack on Android than on Samsung. With this in mind, Samsung has called some of Google’s engineers to the stand in order to make the argument that it did not need to copy any of Apple’s ideas in order to create innovate devices for the market.

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Even though the federal jury won’t rule in Apple’s favor simply because Samsung has not been completely honest about its agreement with Google, it still doesn’t look good for Samsung.

Emails as far back as 2012 explained Google’s offer to help Samsung out with its legal battles. The offer was part of a “Mobile Application Distribution Agreement” between the two companies.

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Summary: Apple has shown the jury, in its $2.2 billion patent lawsuit against Samsung, that Google agreed to help pay legal costs and damages that Samsung suffers as a result of the case.

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