Google Presents Allo and Duo App: Changing the Ways We Message and Make Video Calls
Google Presents Allo and Duo App: Changing the Ways We Message and Make Video Calls

Google is proud to present new messaging and video apps called “Allo” and “Duo” in a blog post released May 18. Google’s goal is to make messaging and calling easier and more expressive.

Google understands that certain times in life call for a lot of emotion- and they want to allow users to share these feelings (the mentioned welcoming a new baby, winning overtime shots, or discovering the best taco stand ever). These days, to share these messages, we send pictures, write texts, and call our friends and family. To bridge the gap that most people feel in their messaging services, they created a couple of apps to hopefully shake up the ways that we talk to one another.

Meet Allo, Google’s “Smart” Messenger

The Goal of Allo is to make the processes involved with communication easier. Google says that it’s based on your phone number and the people that you already contact. They also suggest that Al has many smart features to help conversations get started and to help you converse faster than ever.

Compared to your normal inbox or Facebook Messenger, Allo boasts being able to learn over time, showing suggestions that match your specific style. It’s also been suggested that Allo can even respond without you ever saying anything (for example, whether or not you “haha” or “lol”, according to Google Blog). The goal is for Allo to become more like “you”, even with your pictures to provide suggestions based on what’s in the picture. Google’s example of this was if your friend sends you a picture of tacos, Allo would reply “I love tacos” (or whatever you would reply to food pictures).

It’s also supposed to help you find helpful information about locations that you like, things you want to do, and where to go to have fun. It shares this information in pictures through google apps (including Search, Maps, YouTube, and Translate) in the most secure way possible. Google has promised that Allo is encrypted, chats can be sent discreetly and in incognito mode (with lots of other features, too).

Duo, the Newest Video Calling App from Google

Duo is the match to Allo, providing faster video calling no matter what your connection is. It’s based on your phone number and the interface completely disappears, leaving more room for face-time with your favorite people or business colleagues.

One of the best features offered is called “knock-knock,” giving you a preview of the caller before you pick y=up the phone (so you know who’s calling) before it transitions into the call. Google promises 720p and seamless encryption to keep your valuable data safer.

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