Google Expands Verify Apps Service To Third Party Apps

In the wake of multiple malicious app issues on Android, Google is expanding its Verify Apps service so that any piece of software installed on a device is scanned. Verify Apps, which was first introduced in 2012, has been used to scan 4 billion installations thus far but because it only worked with the Google Play Store, many programs were being installed on phones without being scanned first.

Google Expands Verify Apps Service To Third Party AppsAlong with expanding the functionality of the service to include third-party marketplaces, Google’s Verify Apps will also periodically scan apps that are already installed in order to make sure that they are not malicious.

Warnings will be shown if the service detects that there is an issue with the program and depending on the situation, will either require further command before the installation can continue or the app will be blocked altogether.

Google says that malicious apps, despite their presence in the news, are not actually a major issue, so even if you are installing apps from multiple sources, you should not be hit with warnings very often.

Fewer than 0.18 percent of installs in the last year occurred after someone received a warning that the app was potentially harmful. – Google

Verify Apps is effective when it comes to dealing with apps that are constructed to infect devices but doesn’t work against things like Virus Shield, which are simply bogus apps. Virus Shield made headlines two days ago when it was discovered that the anti-virus app was actually not doing anything to protect devices, yet many people paid to download it.

To deal with fake apps as well as malicious ones, Google may have to set up a policing system on Google Play that operates a little more like the iOS App Store. However, as of right now, malicious and bogus apps are not uncommon the marketplace.

Question – Will the Verify Apps expansion prevent malicious apps from becoming a major issue on Android?


Summary: Google is expanding its app scanning service, Verify Apps. The tool, which was first introduced in 2012, will now scan apps from third-party sources as well as those that are from Google Play.

image credit: techtimes