Google Fiber, a division of the company that was founded in 2010 has made huge strides since then. However, the company did struggle to expand its networks to all the states as it plans to move to wireless systems. Nonetheless, if you live in a state which offers the fast fibernet, it’s still the best “de facto” connection you should consider.

The internet provider promises speeds upto 1,000 megabits per second which is insanely fast. You can download blu-ray movies, top games, operating systems, etc without long wait times; get access to things in seconds. Well, a lot of internet providers promise high internet speeds but they are usually very inconsistent; rest-assured Google does no such things, you get very consistent speeds across all services, websites, and apps unless the service you are trying to access is slow.

With speeds so high, you will never have to turn off other device’s internet when downloading something or streaming. So no more of asking your kids or your family members to stop using their device in a frustrated manner. Enjoy while others around you enjoy too. Afterall, the internet is now a commodity, meaning it should just work without any interruption and something that you don’t have to think much about.

Also, internet also connects us to different people living in different parts of the world: making a video call in now much simpler but the quality of the video can still struggle if the internet connection is bad. Google Fiber promises upload speeds which are equal to download speeds; so now your video calls look crystal clear. Also, uploading files will get much easier, especially for developers who have to push their huge repositories to services like GitHub.

Google also provides its own Network Box but if you’d like to do something more interesting, you can always get few Google WiFi boxes.