Vuzix Glasses

When Google Glass was first introduced, people were excited about the idea. It could potentially changed the way we processed and used data on a daily basis and brought us much closer to the Star Trek type futures we all wished our geeky little selves lived in. As a testament to the popularity of the concept, Google Glass now has a new competitor that was introduced at CES 2013 — Vuzix Glasses.

Vuzix Glasses

Our friends over at Android Central had a hands-on experience with Vuzix Glasses. How does it stack up against Google Glass? Here’s what they had to say:

“The basic idea behind Vuzix is to have a complete device with its own processor and memory — running Android, of course — that will interface with your smartphone via bluetooth to display information. It also has a speaker for your year as well as a front-facing camera for stills and video.

“The display is not see-through (like Google Glass plans to be,) but rather meant to be out of the normal field of view and glanced at occasionally. The units we looked at today were non-working prototypes, but the expectation is to have the display show a complete mirror of whatever app is running on the tethered phone. We’re not so sure how the navigation will work, with only a few buttons on the top of the glasses used for all operations.”

Unfortunately, information on a working prototype or a release date were not available. However, it was hinted that the gadget may end up costing below $500.

Are you excited to get your hands on this kind of technology, whether it be via Google Glass or Vuzix Glasses? What else would you like incorporated in it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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