Google has added an intuitive feature to the mobile version of Google News, allowing you to select “News Near You” in order to view recent articles related to nearby areas and your current location.

While Google News already lets users select local news from cities manually, its latest feature automates the process. Because the mobile application counts on Google’s location based services, your news will move as you do. While traveling, you can pull up the local news for whatever city you happen to be in by pulling up in your mobile browser and selecting the “Jump to” button.

Users are first asked if they want to share their location when they visit Google News via mobile browser. Users are forced to find their local news the old fashioned way if they choose to decline.

Users can also disable the feature by scrolling to the bottom of the page and hitting the “Personalize edition” link and then “hiding” the sections you don’t want to see, including “News Near You”.

Google News’ most recent feature is currently limited to the iOS and Android operating systems.

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