Android 4.2 was release a few days ago and currently, it’s only available on a handful of Nexus devices. However, those who have been fortunate enough to get it early have managed to find an amusing bug, perhaps annoying for some, that’s quite big and yet somehow managed to find its way past Android 4.2 QC checks.


According to an Android Authority report, the Android 4.2 people app does not have December included. Users are unable to add birthdays for people born on the last month of the year. And it’s not just December 2012 that’s affected, the error extends to all Decembers.

The good news for Google is that thanks to their OS fragmentation, relatively few devices have Android 4.2 running already which means it hasn’t become a full-blown issue just yet and it gives them some time to put together a fix in an update that we should no doubt expect to come out soon. We’re pretty sure Google’s going to move fast on this one as these are the type of mistakes that competitors like to exaggerate and make fun of. Besides, I don’t think Google would want to forget Christmas, one of the year’s biggest shopping seasons.

Is your Nexus device already running Android 4.2? Have you caught the December bug already? Share your experience in the comments below!


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