When Siri was unveiled in 2011 with the iPhone 4S, it blew everybody away, but with Google releasing their own virtual assistant – who will win in the battle between Google Now vs Siri?

google now vs siri

Google Now vs Siri

Alot of users think that Siri still far superior to Google Now, whilst others argue that Google’s offering is far more accurate and is therefore better.

CNET decided to put this to the test and created a Google Now vs Siri video demonstrating various questions and the respective answers, analysing the time taken for each response, as well as the accuracy.


The devices were disconnected from the mobile network and were both connected using the same Wireless network. Whilst this is as fair of a test as you can get, the two devices do utilise different hardware for their wireless chipsets so speed (or lack of) could contribute to wireless strength etc.

With the test being as fair as possible, in the battle of Google Now vs Siri there is no clear winner. Both technologies have their individual strengths and weaknesses, with Google Now being very good at retrieving information but lacking where Siri is stronger in the integration with native Apps.

Naturally, Android is compared to iOS, rightly or wrongly, and as such Google Now is compared to Siri, but both offer different functionality, features, and accuracy. Google Now appears to be in a stronger position given that it is available on both iOS and Android, with Siri exclusive to iOS.

Both products are what is considered live, and are rapidly developing with each question asked, so the evolution of both Google Now and Siri can change overnight, offering better lookups, deeper integration, and more accurate information.

You’ve seen the video, but what’s your verdict in the Google Now vs Siri battle? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. This is a good comparison and as it should be, there is no clear winner! Apple and Google have their own sweet spots! But i think on Android the speech recognition is far better than iOS. Identifying an south asian voice is better on google than Apple! I have even used this through some SDKs on the Android Application Development and its great! Hopefully Siri opens up a lot more in future to developers too.

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