Google Pixel manages to remain functional after staying in water for 1 hour
Google Pixel manages to remain functional after staying in water for 1 hour

It was officially revealed that the both Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL were IP53 certified, which means when they are not the devices you should take with you if you’re near water bodies. However, it seems that the body of the Pixel seems to hold out much better than we initially anticipated. According to the video that you see below, recorded by Harris Craycraft, it shows the YouTuber dipping Google’s latest and greatest smartphone in a bowl that was filled with water.

Before we proceed, we want to tell you something about certifications. Google Pixel is IP53 certified, which means that the number ‘5’ means dust resistant and the number ‘3’ means water resistance. IP53 is not a very effective certification and it is recommended that you do not take devices near water bodies with the IP53 certification. In comparison, both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are IP67 certified, whereas the Galaxy S7 is IP68 certified, which is the highest rating giving to mobile devices currently.

During the test, the Google Pixel is placed inside a shallow puddle of water and it holds out for an hour, which is an impressive feat for a device that possesses a low-end certification. However, things take a turn when the water bowl is filled to the top and the Google Pixel is completely submerged in water for a period of 30 minutes. After being taken out of the water, the YouTuber reports that while the speaker still works, the charging port does not, meaning that either it has been disabled completely, or he will wait for the water to completely seep out before it can start charging again.

Regardless, this isn’t a smart thing to do if you’re in possession of an expensive smartphone like a Pixel, so again, it is recommended that you do not take it near bodies of water wherever you go.

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