Google Play

Google PlayGoogle Play is Google’s online marketplace for Android applications. The company has recently revamped the Google Play Developer Console having it center on the development, publication, and management of Android apps. Google Play team members explained the benefits of the new console with regards to tacking how your app is doing.

“You’ll see new statistics about your user ratings: a graph showing changes over time, for both the all-time average user rating and new user ratings that come in on a certain day. As with other statistics, you’ll be able to break down the data by device, country, language, carrier, Android version, and app version.”

The upgraded console, however, still lacks support for multiple APK and for APK expansion files. Although for the time being developers can switch back to the old version of the console in order to access these features.

The new console will still be a great asset to current and new Android developers. Google has been Google Play to make it better suited for both developers and consumers and it is a good thing that they have. Apple has been adjusting its marketplace as well. It seems all the major players in the mobile space are realizing that the hardware in their phones is great, but having an established and effective app development and distribution platform is even more important.

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