Author: Kayvon

Rumor: 4.8-inch iPhone Supposedly Delayed in Production

iPhone 6

Big screen phones are all the rage nowadays, and despite Apple claiming the iPhone 5 is the perfect size, many rumors have surfaced about a bigger 4.8-inch iPhone being in the works to compete with devices like the…

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The Blackberry Z10 Has An Uphill Battle

BlackBerry Z10

Blackberry, formally known as RIM, has just introduced the Blackberry Z10. The Blackberry Z10 is their flagship phone and in many ways their last attempt to get back into the smartphone market which they once dominated. However, I…

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Apple Loses Spot as Most Valuable Company

Apple once enjoyed the crown as the most valuable company. However, their stock has been sliding in recent months and with it their market capitalization has fallen by about $250 billion. To put that into perspective, they lost…

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Samsung Galaxy SIV Rumor Roundup

Galaxy S4

There is a lot of rumor hype in the world of smartphones, and for once it is not an Apple device. The Samsung Galaxy SIV has peaked a lot of interest lately. Here are all the rumors that…

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Galaxy Note 8.0 May Be Released Next Month

Galaxy Note 10.1 UK

The Galaxy series has been Samsung’s claim to fame in recent years covering a variety of mobile devices. According to a new rumor, a new member will be joining the Galaxy family next month, but it isn’t the…

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iPhone vs Android: Why Apple Has Stumbled While Android Grows

Ever since the Android platform was launched, it has had the iPhone in its sights. And we have been debating iPhone vs Android ever since. However, over the years Android has slowly eaten away at Apple’s market share….

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The Changes That Should Come in iOS 7

There is no doubt that Apple will be releasing iOS7 at some point, and if the pattern continues this summer will likely be the ideal time to announce any new software. However, the whole point of an iOS…

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Nokia Sells 4.4 Million Lumia Smartphones Last Quarter


With Blackberry struggling, a lot of the smartphone attention has been geared towards Apple and Samsung. However, many seem to have forgotten Nokia as a player in the space with their Lumia series, which are arguably the best…

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Why the Playstation 4 Will Not Be Announced in February

Sony PS4 price

Everyone is wondering when the Playstation 4 is going to be announced. One source has claimed that the announcement will be coming in February, which caused plenty of other websites and bloggers to run with it even though…

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CES 2013: Canopy Introduces the Sensus for iPhone

sensus for iphone

It’s hard to find a device that is without a touch screen nowadays. However, it is a shame that your fingers can get in the way of the things happening on your screen or smudge for those that…

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