Mobile phones are often seen as productivity-killers.

They distract us from work. They give us quick access to the internet, which means time wasted surfing and chatting.

And then you have useless online games that bring us no benefit.

But Guess What?

There are fun ways to use your mobile while being productive.

They’re odd ideas. And if you master them, you can develop better life skills, make more money, and help others too!

We’ll discuss THREE of those ideas below. So to start off…

#1 – Audiobooks.

If you’re not in the mood for music, then feed your brain with information.

Audiobooks do that job. And for many people, they’re a better source of information than visual reading.

Why? It’s because audiobooks don’t strain your eyes. And they don’t require intensive levels of concentration.

You can simply relax and engage your imagination with the words spoken.

You can even multi-task with an audiobook!


Let’s say you’re doing home errands, going for a walk, or driving for long distances.

You can kill time with an audiobook. They serve the same function as a radio (with added mobility benefits).

Also, you get to pick the content. So you’ll be engaged without any conscious effort.

Another Option – Podcasts.

Many productive podcasts exist online. And they provide information that’s easy to digest. Plus, the info is expansive to your consciousness.

They’re also online. So you don’t need to download the material beforehand. You can simply log onto the podcasts channels you prefer, and select the content you want!

#2 – Online Casinos.

Let’s say you’ve had your share of information – and you need actual games to play.

We recommend online casinos. They’re a place to make money (if you know what you’re doing).

How So?

Gambling is based on probabilities (depending on the game you pick).

With proper research, discipline, and practice – you can make a career out of it. You can learn how to play to win.

It’s an excellent side hustle. And it kills time too, especially if you’re into strategic games.

Important Note.

Many online casinos are scam services. So you need to pick sone that’s trusted. And one we recommend is Asgard Casino.

It’s a mobile casino with a multitude of games. You can play everything from poker and blackjack, to slot machines and roulette.

#3 – Self Recording.

Got an idea that you want to build upon? If so, express it on mobile.

Your phone is a way to make video and audio. You can speak what’s on your mind, while adding different points for later evaluation.

You can also use it as a chance to practice your self-presentation skills.


Self-recording improves your ability to string ideas together. It makes you more adept at public speaking too!

You can practice putting your ideas in context. You can also practice expressing your ideas with a clear flow.

Make Your Own Content.

You can self-record to create online content.

You can put your expertise of whatever you love in a podcast. Or, you can use self-recording as a way to brainstorm ideas before writing.

You can critique your ideas later on. You can keep improving upon them with each recording.

Plus, you can self-record anywhere. All you need are your phone and a portable microphone!

Mobile Phones can be Productive.

Your phone is as productive as your habits.

You can turn your phone into a productivity machine. Or, you can kill time through meaningless games and chatting.

The previous list gives you some productive options to try. Read through them all, and pick what suits you best!

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