Graviton Block iPhone App

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Graviton Block is an iPhone app developed by Neotko Studios. While it might look like just another Tetris clone, don’t be decieved. Graviton Block is more challenging, more complex, and way more fun than boring old Tetris.

Like Tetris, Graviton Block’s gameplay revolves around dropping various block shapes onto other blocks below. Unlike Tetris, blocks will only be cleared from the board when you arrange them in 3×3 blocks.

Graviton Block iPhone AppGraviton Block iPhone App

But Graviton Block goes even further to improve upon the classic Tetris formula. Some of the falling blocks contain “gravitons,” which will pull your blocks to the left or the right as they fall.

It’s a small twist, but a crucial one: this attraction-repulsion game element makes Graviton Block totally addictive. You can combine the various gravitons to launch big chain reactions, too!

The music is the only weak link in the chain here. To be fair, it’s hard to imagine a more iconic game song than the original Tetris anthem. That being said, the music in Graviton Block is just okay. It’s a little like the ho-hum baby of Daft Punk and elevator music: it’s repetitive, moderately interesting, but not particularly memorable or crucial to building the atmosphere of the game.

Graviton Block iPhone AppGraviton Block iPhone App

Shortly after its initial launch, Graviton Block was upgraded to Version 1.2. This version of the app has a ton of tweaks to improve the game. The point threshold for unlocking the more advanced Alpha and Omega modes is much lower, while the game’s difficulty level has been increased slightly to keep things challenging. You can now also pause the game to return to it later.

Overall, Graviton Block is a staggeringly good puzzler. Anyone who thinks of this block-dropping puzzler as just another Tetris ripoff is dead wrong. Graviton Block is far more challenging than Tetris, and absolutely deserves your attention.

Graviton Block is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.