Great Mobile App Ideas 2020

In 2019, technology was already a big part of our lives. Especially mobile technologies. According to the statistics, an average grown-up American spends almost 4 hours a day staring at their smartphone screen. People pay bills, study, consume content, chat with friends, and work from their smartphones. It almost seems as if the capabilities of mobile phones cannot be expanded any further.

This is a mistake. Many great ideas haven’t been realized yet. And 2020 is your chance to introduce new exciting solutions to the market. Your first step is to come up with the idea and choose a professional web design agency that will help bring your business project to life.

Unique Ideas for Mobile Applications in 2020

Here are some of the ideas that you can use to build your own successful business. A great web design agency can help you with the most crucial aspect for your users, the interface. Your clients are going to use it to interact with your product. However, don’t forget other essential elements like market analytics, backend development, architecture, and so on.

Internet of Things

In 2020, the digitalization of our environment will continue. Smart home solutions continue to appear every day, trying to satisfy us both with better user interfaces and the ability to solve a wider variety of problems. However, your home is not the only place that you can improve with the help of contemporary technologies.

A smart urban environment is going to be the most significant trend in 2020. Cities are growing, and software that could guarantee smart parking, provide water and air quality monitoring, as well as manage street lights to economize resources would undoubtedly improve our quality of living. Also, solutions for smart offices are around the corner and the blueprint is almost already written: the ways you can enhance working spaces is analogous to smart home solutions.

Web design tip: Your goal is to make parking, water control, or working space management more convenient with the help of a mobile gadget. Make sure that the user interface is as simple and minimalistic as possible. Also, monochromic interfaces that use primary colors look more professional and “expensive,” so you might use this trick as well.

Super Apps for Customer Service

Some people call these apps “super applications.” They should become a new step in customer service development.

Uber, DoorDash, and eBay have already made our lives much more comfortable. However, if you frequently need to call a taxi, order food or products to your home, or buy clothes, you need to have dozens of apps on your phone. Many have attempted, but no one has managed to create a mobile application where you can do everything mentioned above and more. What else could be included on this app: cleaning services, drug delivery, general shopping, restaurant reservations, automobile needs, or booking hotels.

Having all these facilities in one place would greatly simplify people’s lives. However, building an efficient platform that can serve millions of people simultaneously requires using technologies that don’t exist yet.

From Government to Citizens

In many countries, it’s normal to use internet technologies or mobile applications to provide citizens with convenient options to pay taxes and bills, get certifications from governmental services, and so on. However, the majority of these solutions are pretty slow,  inconvenient and need improvement. Also, not everywhere have implemented these types of technologies yet. Sometimes innovative thinking is just smart copying.

Web design tip: Hiring a team of web designers for your project, you can think of a better solution together. Usually, the outsourcing companies who deliver such applications are strictly limited in time and can’t include QA testing and web design testing in their development process. You can fix this problem and make money.

AR/VR Applications

Use augmented reality and virtual reality technologies if you want to deliver relevant digital products to practically any field. Augmented reality is now widely used in fashion and interior design because it can visualize ideas for clients and colleagues. However, you can also use it in construction, scientific research, or even entertainment. For example, the game Pokemon Go enjoyed great popularity, and because games have not yet oversaturated this field, you can move in that direction.

In general, the field of virtual reality is undiscovered. If you manage to think of a useful solution for regular users or industries, it will generate you millions of dollars. One of the most widely-known VR projects is Google Expeditions. You can explore this application for free if you have the necessary equipment. It offers you amazing tours around the world without the costs and inconveniences of real travel. It’s also great for educational purposes at school.

You can also think of how to promote this technology to a regular customer. While VR has been around for a while now, not so many users have VR glasses at their home. 

Time to Realize Your Idea

Products oversaturated the mobile application market. New apps appear every day. So, please don’t wait until someone steals your idea, and start working on it as soon as possible.

Application development with a professional team has a lot of stages:

  • Come up with a business idea and analyze the market;
  • Get the web designs ready;
  • Choose the developer (a freelancer or an outsourcing company);
  • Build a prototype that you can show to sponsors (in case you need it);
  • Code the app;
  • Do necessary testings and release it to the market.

You don’t have to do everything at once. You can collect money first to prepare exceptional web design of your app, and then start looking for options to finance further development through sponsors or crowdfunding. However, the sooner you start, the better. Good luck!