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In the 20th Century the photography of many individuals drew acclaim. For some it was the beautiful scenes that they were able to capture in print. Others found that they were able to capture a depth of emotion in the lens. In this article we will look at some of the different artists that have graced canvases and a number of photobooks over the years.

Diane Arbus

This was a woman that defied the rules when it comes to portraits of people. Each photobook that her work has been reflected in you can feel the pain in the souls. But in addition to this, it is her brilliant magazine spreads that helped her win the hearts of many. When you look at her work, you can easily sense the soul that is within this woman.

Annie Leibovitz

To date Annie has created some of the most vivid canvas prints of the biggest names around. From Bruce Springsteen, to Michael Jackson and even Jody Foster, her work has inspired generations of artists. For those that are interested in seeing a depth in a single photograph, they should consider review the remarkable catalogue this woman offers.

Anne Geddes

With a passion for infants, she has reflected the innocence in her loving and whimsical prints. With each photobook she has released, you can grasp a sense of passion and life in each photograph she displays. One artist that took full advantage of her brilliant work was Celine Dion, who devoted an entire album to reflect the raw emotion that Anne can bring to a photograph.

Herb Ritts

Herb has offered the most interesting look at not only those who are famous, such as Madonna, but as well as the inhabitants of Africa as well. His diverse spray of people and landscapes has shown there is a unique depth to this man. This has drawn him acclaim and respect from many people. For many people, he is considered a true legend of the lens.

Minor White

Mr. White not only was a brilliant photographer, but was a teacher as well. His works of the natural wonders in Western America drew him acclaim. He was one of the first to begin to push the boundaries of photographs and offer non-narrative scenes. When you review some of the photographs he offers in his series, you can sense his keen attention to detail.

Galen Rowell

Considered by many to be a master in nature photography, Galen has found the key to capturing the raw beauty of nature. Working for years in Outdoor Photographer, he has created a unique interpretation of nature that has adorned more than just magazine covers. It has filled the homes of people as well.

Among these master photographers could be the work of any of us one day. Take the time to explore your lighting and your lens options and practice your skills. When you have an image you are proud of you should place it in a photobook or on a canvas.

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