Griffin has unveiled a small remote control helicopter that can be flown from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. The $49.99 Helo TC, which is slated to land in Apple Stores nationwide “by Christmas”, works alongside a free application designed by Griffin. Part of Griffin’s expanding range of iOS controlled hardware, the Helo TC Helicopter looks to bring a whirl of fun to Apple devices.

Based on an existing remote control helicopter design, the Helo TC sports a row of four infrared controllers to adjust each of the axes through which the helicopter flies. The remote control unit for the Helo TC clips over the rear of an iPhone or iPod or on to the back of an iPad.

The RC helicopter can take control cues from an iPhone or iPad accelerometer during “Tilt to Fly” mode. Alternatively, the Helo TC iOS application features a touch display mode that can be used to control the Helo TC’s throttle and joystick.

The Griffin Helo TC is aggressively priced at just $49.99 — a lot less than the Parrot ARDrone helicopter that went on sale for nearly $450 late last year. Unlike the ARDrone, however, the Griffin Helo TC is restricted to indoor use.

  1. […] Originally Posted by SweetPoison I have always wanted a remote control helicopter! But I would crash it and then waist all that money. I don't know but $50 sounds pretty good for a remote controlled helicopter, even if we break it (as you say, that's likely). According to the following article they go for as much as $450. I looked up Griffin Helicopters and, I don't know if it's the same company, but I saw a lot of Google hits for a Griffin helicopter computer games maker. Maybe they are trying to build a loss leader to promote the game business. Griffin Reveals RC Helicopter Controlled by iOS | Tapscape […]

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