Growing Genres In Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming as a whole is very much on the rise and this growth has only been accelerated by the recent lockdown measures, but with so many different genres and styles out there which have been working their way to the top and which haven’t really moved?

Battle Royale – Toward the top of the list is definitely the recent surge in battle royale games that have moved away from more dedicated platforms on the PC and console, and found their way over to our mobile devices. The big names of Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds are the clear winners here but there are others capturing attention too – and these kinds of games actually break away from the traditional big genres. Mobile gaming is typically much more casual, fast in and out games like short puzzles, but these BR games require a little skill and a longer time investment, perhaps signalling a different audience in this one genre alone.

Online Casinos – Seeing huge growth particularly this recent lockdown as sporting events were cancelled, mobile casinos have seen a huge rise in usership – this rise comes despite a number of regulation changes that should have restricted growth too, including an anti-gambling initiative known as gamstop being given more authority and made mandatory to operator, despite this online casinos such as these slots sites have been finding increasing numbers of traffic – the hyper casual gameplay that allows players to jump in and out with the click of a button and not having a huge time investment required is a huge factor to why these types of games have gotten so big, alongside a changing mobile gaming demographic that allows for an older audience with disposable income to play.

TCG and Card Arena – Much in a similar vein to the BR games, trading card games and card arena games such as Hearthstone had went through their dedicated platform lifecycle, and whilst they still do have a big following there, a large part of the core audience can now be found on mobile devices – but unlike both BR and casinos it has a bit of a mix of two factors for gameplay as both options are available to players – you’re able to jump in and play a quick five minute game without and repercussions, but similarly can play for hours with some benefits to doing so if you’d like too giving users the best of both worlds.

As our mobile devices continue to improve, the barrier between what can and can’t be played closes even more, and goes to attract more users to play on this platform – with some big advances coming in the way of AR and VR and other big changes, mobile gaming looks to only find growth much in the way it has and continue holding the mantle of the biggest gaming platform in the world, if you’re in to mobile gaming as a whole it’s an exciting time for you, and things are only going to keep looking better.