Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

Your hair is an integral part of you that beautifies and creates an impression of you. It’s one of the first parts of your appearance that is noticed during an encounter. The way you handle your hair is very important. Learn the causes and solutions to hair loss.


Excessive Treatment of Hair

Treating your hair excessively is one of the primary reasons you experience hair loss. Using treatments like hair dye, tinting, perming, and many others affect your hair extensively when done in excess. When doing these treatments frequently, you might not experience it until after a few months or longer. Making use of harsh products on your hair, like sprays for extreme hold, also makes you lose hair. They make your hair thinner, sometimes drier, and might affect your scalp damaging it and hinder hair growth.

Conditions and Medication

Temporary or permanent hair loss can be a result of some medical conditions you might be suffering from. Some of which include thyroid disorders, alopecia, menopause, and many other conditions. Some of these may affect the immune system, resulting in patches and infection of the scalp. You might be using several medications that can result in hair loss as well. Drugs taken to relieve conditions like cancer, high blood pressure, heart issues, and many others can contribute to temporary or permanent hair loss.

Tight Hairstyles

Wearing hairstyles like a tight ponytail or updo can cause hair stress. This strain can cause your hair to break away and be damaged. If it pulls on the scalp for too long, it may become permanent hair loss.

Genetics and Age

Your genetics is another factor that determines the nature of your hair. It might be a common condition within your family tree but is also common with aging. Most times, situations like getting fully bald or having spots that possess hairline that recedes depend on genes.

Aside from genes, aging is also a factor that affects hair loss. As a person gets older, they tend to experience changes in their body, including loss of hair. Most seen in aging with men.


Massaging Your Hair

Giving your hair a massage is one of the few remedies you can consider to naturally prevent hair loss. Massaging your hair helps ease the tension and stress you might have accumulated. It also helps to relieve you of headaches or migraines you might be feeling. Be sure to massage your hair with products that aid hair growth, like natural oils.

Laser Caps

The Kiierr laser cap is a wireless product that uses LLLT technology and is guaranteed to improve hair growth. The Kiierr cap has been cleared by the FDA and proven by clinics to be safe and effective. It is not restricted to gender and is available for both men and women to use. The laser cap is very portable, practical, and easy to use with little technical knowledge.

Know Your Medications

Know which medications can cause hair loss. In situations where your treatment includes chemotherapy, be sure to request a cooling cap from your doctor. Cooling caps are extremely helpful in preventing hair loss during this type of treatment. You can also take vitamins and supplements to keep your hair follicles strong and healthy.

Protection From UV

Sunlight, which is the source of ultraviolet rays, is also known to harshly affect hair. It is advisable to protect your hair from sunlight by covering it with a hat or cap. There are also hair-friendly products like hair sprays that can help reduce the harsh effects of sunlight on your hair.

Always Handle Your Hair Gently

Do not tug or pull on your hair when trying to comb or brush it. Avoid treatments that are harsh on your hair and hairstyles that hold up your hair too tight. Avoid harsh excessive treatments. Your hair is an integral part of you, so it’s important to take the utmost care of it. Get your hair back to its beautiful healthy state by making use of these methods and remedies.