Haypi Dragon iPhone Game Review

Price: Free     Score: 7.5/10     Category: Games

Haypi Dragon, developed by Haypi Co, Ltd., is a dragon trainer/battle game with an interesting MMO element.  Using the rewards you gain from defeating evil dragons, you can strengthen your own dragon by teaching him new abilities, outfitting him with bombs, or training him at the Dragon Eyrie.

The iPhone game has a ton of different options, including a PVP battle mode or the exploration mode in Secret of the Tree. Most upgrades are based on a in-game coin system, which you can either build through battles and tasks, or via in-game purchases.

The controls are pretty simple, though they take some time to master during the course of battle. As with Angry Birds, knocking your opponent over means perfectly planning out the arc with which you’ll lob your projectile. Once you get over the initial learning curve, it becomes much more fun to battle things.

Less easy, however, is navigating around the main screen. The interface is pretty cluttered, with multiple areas to choose from, constant chat scrolls from other players, and your stat screens. That clutter may impact the enjoyment you’ll get from Haypi Dragon, and will be a bit of a turn-off to gamers over the age of 14 (on our test run, the chats were overrun with obnoxious pre-teens).

If you can get past the cramped menus and social aspect of the multiplayer mode (a calculated risk in any MMO), you just might find that this dragon fighting iPhone game is right up your alley. And, after all, Haypi Dragon is free – so there’s nothing to lose.

Haypi Dragon is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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