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There’s something about having the right wallpaper and iPad lock screen that’s all important. Besides the iPad itself and the case you carry it in, the home image you choose to display is about as self expressive as your iTunes collection. Bottom line, your wallpaper says a lot about you.

Those who know that have spent hours scouring the internet for high resolution photos that reflect their very being. Now finding the right wallpaper is as simple as throwing a dollar into the app store and downloading HD Wallpapers for iPad.

The app you get in return is a nature centric collection of 365 HD wallpapers fit for even the most mature Ansel Adams collector. The curated set includes oceans, mountains, snow, and a series of other landscape photos edited for high quality precision.

Wallpapers HD is delivered as a basic gallery that displays twenty images at a time. Scrolling from side to side grants you access to other wallpaper thumbnails and then clicking on an individual image displays it in full screen mode.

From there you can choose to return to the gallery or save the image to your photo library along the top toolbar above the image. Saving the photo to your lock screen or wallpaper can then be done in the iPad’s photo library in the same way that you would save any other image.

In my opinion the year’s worth of photography wallpapers all look great, but apparently the most discerning users have noticed that each image could benefit from an exact 1365×1024 dimension. This improvement has been promised for the next update.

Even before the update I think it’s safe to say that you’ll find at least a couple images that will really resonate with you in this collection. This isn’t your typical Windows paradise beach wallpaper. It’s more like fine photography, and it’s an excellent first impression for anyone who gets a hold of your iPad for the first time.

Bottom Line: HD Wallpapers is a beautiful collection of nature oriented photographs optimized for the iPad. It’s straight forward, easy to use, and exactly as expected.


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