Health Benefits of Cushion for Your Office Chair

Did you know a working person spends an average of 10 hours a day sitting at their desk? Whether sitting in your office, driving, at home watching your favorite TV show, or commuting to and from your workplace, having the wrong chair can lead to body and joint aches. Research shows that prolonged sitting leads to health issues that can cause long-term complications like diabetes, High blood pressure, Deep Vein Thrombosis and obesity. Fortunately comfortable chair can reduce the chances of back pain as a result of prolonged seating. Here are some reasons why you should upgrade cushion for your office chairs:

Increase Blood Circulation And Boost Your Cardiovascular Health

Spending most of your time sitting down means that your blood circulation is restricted and some of your body parts are not receiving sufficient oxygen. Insufficient oxygen makes your heart work harder to pump blood, which can lead to heart diseases. A good seat allows all your body parts to receive enough blood. Parts like the legs can swell or go numb due to a lack of adequate blood.

Maintaining A Good Sitting Posture

Seat pillows are designed to support your back help you maintain your body posture. Having a good posture helps main your energy levels and be productive in your workplace. A good posture helps in better breathing, improved mood, reduced headaches, and improved concentration.

Less Compression To Your Body

Seats that are poorly designed put pressure on your spine, which can lead to spinal compression. While sitting, the lumbar spine supports the weight of your upper body. Improper sitting can damage your spinal discs, which can lead to lower back pain. A hard chair that doest support your posture can also put pressure on your hips and tailbone, causing pain.

Sitting On The Right Chair Improves Digestion

When you sit down, your internal organs are compacted to fit in a smaller space than when standing. This slows down the digestion process. Digestion even slows down when you are slouching or slumping but when you use the right seat pillow, you sit in the right posture, which makes your organs less compressed. When your internal organs align well, they facilitate a good flow of food in your intestines, thus reducing heartburns, bloating, and constipation.

Eliminates Back Pain

Sitting contributes to 40-90% of back stress compared to standing. Sitting on a chair without adequate and supportive cushioning can lead to joint and back pain. Using the right chair helps distribute your body weight and helps your spine not to be overly curved. Tilted hips and bent head put stress in your spine and muscles leading to pain. Sitting can also increase pain levels. Now imagine how sitting on a poorly designed seat can increase any minor pain in your body.


Since you spend most of your time sitting, choose the right office chair that gives you Everlasting Comfort to avoid health problems. Your comfort at work boosts your productivity and gives you a quality life. You should also take a few minute breaks from sitting to help your muscles relax and improve your mobility.