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Few iPhone games are more beautiful than the classic revival 6th Planet. Created by Moncube, this classic lander title combines a graphic novel plot with amazing artwork and an iTunes worthy soundtrack.

The 50 level space title lets you control the fate not only a spaceship confined monkey, but humanity itself. With every level you pass by landing your space module on the platform safely, you’re advancing the plot of humans exploring the possibility of sustaining life on Saturn.

The story itself is compelling for those interested in reading comic book style layouts strategically placed between levels, but if you’re more about the spacecraft landing itself, it’s easy to skip the talk and head straight through to intense gravity defying space flight.

Each level begins with the space module floating through a wonderfully neon space full of flying fire balls, rotating satellites and twists and turns that are both natural and manmade. The game moves between a peaceful palette of black and blue all the way over to bright reds of hot lava, often balancing perfectly the delight of peaceful space exploration with the terror of crashing into the next unidentified flying object.

What’s perhaps most thrilling is 6th Planet’s soundtrack. This headphones worthy, iTunes ready mix is the kind of craft that would make almost any progressive house lounge dwelling music lover swoon. All senses combined, 6th Planet makes flying a chimp around space more enjoyable than one might imagine.

You control the game’s spacecraft with two semi opaque controllers on the each bottom corner of the iPhone. Press right and a puff of air will propel your ship to the right, but the trick in the game is the fact that you must watch fuel levels in order to arrive at the landing platform safely.

Holding both sides of the control arrows at the same time and propels the chimp upward, but this is where patience pays off. Saving fuel moves your status from bronze to gold, which helps with points along the way. Conceptually 6th Planet is simple, but mastering it is like, well…basically rocket science.

Bottom Line: 6th Planet is a stunning space lander title with enough variety between “take it all in” beauty and “avoid all the obstacles suspense” to be out of this world enjoyable. Perfect for gamers who enjoy the process.

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