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Working at electrical sites can be hazardous, proper precautions are a “must” in such cases. HIC India, a firm specializing in making utilitarian “True Performance Rubbers” is the one that can be trusted while working in harsh conditions like smartphone manufacturing facilities.

The company makes the HIC Universal Electrical Insulating Mat which can be used to prevent the workers from being electrocuted. The mat is also referred to as HIC Universal Rubber Mat for Electrical Purpose which can withstand upto 66 kV AC and 240 DC voltages.

The mats are an elastomer blend of both synthetic and natural rubber without requiring an insertion that creates the usual marks on the surface and neither chequered finishes. It makes HIC’s insulating mats suitable not only for workplaces but also at home.

The mats can be placed near HT/LT (High Tension/Low Tension) control panels, in front of switchboards, at electrical substations, around bas bars, and also near transformers, generators, lift rooms. They can also be used during the usage of live equipment on-site outdoors or indoors. The mats are best fit for use in manufacturing facilities of batteries for electric cars and also at manufacturing facilities of electronics like laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

HIC Universal Rubber Sheet Gasket Material is another interesting product of HIC’s. The gasket materials are contrived using single and sometimes combinations of required synthetic rubbers. The rubber compound is then blended with chemicals vulcanized in Rotary Curing Press (Rotocure).

HIC’s Rubber Sheet Gasket can be used for sealing manufactured products to prevent leaks. They are made to withstand pressure and wear during harsh conditions. Rubber is the most used material in these conditions because of its property: the rubber returns to its original shape after the deforming stress is removed. This elastic property makes the rubber sheet gaskets an absolute choice for sealing purposes. The gaskets are widely used at assembly units of technology products, especially that deal with creation of the screen and aluminium or glass body of the smartphones.

HIC’s products are tested and proven, they make the top-notch quality materials that can be used at workplaces and home. HIC Universal Electrical Insulating Mat and HIC Universal Rubber Sheet Gasket Material are the only choice of electric-substation and storage cellar manufacturers in countries like India, China, UK and many more*.

*For more, check out HIC’s website

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