Hill Bill iPhone Game

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Hill Bill is an iPhone game developed by Balloon 27. In this exciting bike sim, you play as a hillbilly with delusions of grandeur. Become a backyard Evel Knievel and master doing jumps and tricks off a variety of homemade ramps!

Hill Bill goes on to take his amazing bike skills to Mud Rallies, racetracks, petting zoos, and even the circus! His ultimate goal is the Holy Grail of bike jumping stunts: jumping the Grand Canyon.

Hill Bill iPhone Game Hill Bill iPhone Game

The controls are quite simple. Hit the gas button to “hit the gas.” Swipe left to do a wheelie, and drag backwards to build up a bit of extra speed.

As with any game like this, half of the fun is seeing the aftermath of your spectacular failures. If you do crash before the end of a level, you will crash through a variety of obstacles, which sends debris flying everywhere. You’ll do a pretty excellent faceplant, and be presented with a screen that says, simply, “YOU DONE CRASHED.”

As the game progresses, you will learn a variety of additional tricks. There are both ground tricks and tricks that can be completed in the air, which keeps things fresh.

Hill Bill iPhone Game Hill Bill iPhone Game

It seems like the $1.99 entry price is all you’ll ever have to pay to enjoy the game. According to the devs, additional worlds, levels, bikes and outfits are currently in development, and will not cost you extra to add on to your game.

Spanning 6 beautiful worlds and over 60 levels, Hill Bill sets the tone with an excellent background track that’s a bit alt-rock while still being perfect for the game at hand. Overall, this is an addictive and amusing title.

Hill Bill is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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