How Can Digital Businesses Remain Competitive?

These days, basically every business is a digital business. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic swept in and knocked 2020 right over, businesses both small and large have been scrambling to get their footing. It’s been difficult to find ways to thrive, now that most employees are remote and most sales are online. How can a company maintain its integrity and the confidentiality of its customer’s data? How can managers keep their team members focused and aligned with company goals? It takes more than a company privacy policy and some memos to get the job done. Thankfully, there are a few tips to help an online business meet its goals and even improve their workflow during these crazy times.

OKR Software

Regardless of your company’s size, you certainly have a number of different company goals to meet each quarter. Whether you’re aiming to streamline the user experience, protect sensitive data, or iron out various areas of practice that need attention in your organization, you have different teams on different tasks. So, how do you keep everyone on the same page, now that they’re all working from home?

You need OKR software, like the kind offered by OKRs (objectives and key results) provide a framework within which you can communicate your goals to everyone, creating a collective voice working toward a common goal instead of disjointed modules who don’t know what’s what. Once you create clear, measurable key results you can see more clearly how to achieve any new objective. This will, in turn, simplify and speed up your workflow. offers OKR software that’s user friendly and can take you way farther to connectivity and attaining those key results than a simple Slack channel will.

SOC (Security Operations Centers)

Now that everything’s on the web, you need to protect your data. It’s as simple as that. Customers trust you with their sensitive information—credit card numbers, email addresses, maybe even home addresses. You don’t want to fall hostage to Ransomware or any other type of cyber threat that can topple your business and put your customers at risk. It’s time to invest in SOC, or Security Operations Centers so that you know that you are covered even if there’s only a single sign of risk or malware. Make sure that you have the kind of cyber security that recognizes even a single line of code that’s suspicious and will protect your confidentiality at all costs. The best part? Professional organizations need zero coding experience to utilize the SOC services that a top security provider will provide. The effectiveness of controls is all there—just hire the right people and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your sensitive information is safe from any cyber pirates out there.

Employee Enrichment

Just because your employees are working from home doesn’t mean that their growth should stop. This can be just as fruitful a time for your employees as when they were in the office together. When you invest in employee engagement and enrichment, you’re creating new career opportunities for your team and turning this challenging journey into a time of bonding and boosted morale. This will, in turn, create more employee loyalty with means big rewards for your company. When you know that your employees are loyal, you have the assurance that your business’ goals are in good hands. Whether you’re offering webinars to help your team members gain new skills or just boosting employee engagement by hosting a virtual trivia night, you’ll be giving your workers an extra reason to love their job, whether they’re a CPA or a salesperson. Basically, investing in employee enrichment is a win-win situation for all involved.