How email marketing software can boost sales

Email marketing allows you to reach a much wider range of audiences with your marketing message, ensuring that what you have to say is delivered directly to their inbox. When it comes to the sales process, a direct line to the customer can be invaluable. To that end, we’re going to look at what email marketing software can do in order to improve that process even further, giving your sales the boost they need.

The effectiveness of email marketing

Your first question may be “why email marketing?” Though it may be somewhat older than social media marketing, email marketing has proven time and time again to be one of the most effective ways to get in touch with customers online. One study has shown that 72% of people prefer receiving promotional content through email than through social media, for instance. Furthermore, there’s no need to segregate your budget between different platforms when using email marketing. Unlike social media, you don’t have to spend on multiple platforms. It doesn’t matter what host or email software your audience is using, email works the same way.

Automate more of the email marketing process

If you have a smaller team, then managing a full email marketing campaign may not be the most feasible use of your time. Email marketing software like eSend is able to automate a lot of the process for you, drastically cutting the amount of work needed to have a full, working email marketing campaign. With eSend, it’s much easier to upload your mailing lists to a single platform, pick a design, adjust it as needed, add the content and send.

Better customisation means a deeper impact

Customising your message makes it feel less like a customer is receiving the exact same message as a hundred other people. However, email marketing software can do a lot more than changing the first name field. It can automate the process of sending emails to customers at different stages of transactions. For instance, it can send welcome and introduction emails immediately to new customers, as well as sending cart abandonment emails, offering sales that can encourage a customer to change their mind on a transaction they had previously cancelled. The better targeted your emails to the circumstances of the recipient, the better their chances of success.

Test different methods

Sharpening your approach to email marketing means going back and looking over what designs and messages were successful at driving sales and clicks, and which weren’t. To that end, email marketing software can offer a range of analytic and reporting features that help you get a precise idea of how each and every campaign is performing. You can see where your readers are clicking and replicate it, and get rid of elements they’re not engaging with at all to make a more streamlined message.

Email marketing is cost-effective and reaches a wide audience that’s already engaged. Email marketing software makes it much easier to do email marketing. Both factors together will easily lead to increased sales.