We are living in the age of 4G LTE internet speed and 5G is on the row. But it is a common issue to consider the speed and unlimited internet instead of cable or broadband internet. There are different carriers who provide 4G LTE internet service that feeds the needs of heavy internet work such as streaming unlimited videos, business needs, and family education.

When you plan for a 4G internet service that should be unlimited, you should seek the best-unlimited internet plans for a home. As you are using 4G internet service, the speed issue is most common. The common thing that comes to us is that 4G LTE speed goes fast compared to the home cable network. If you know this issue in detail, you may go through this article.

4G LTE vs Cable Speed

When you are going to use the 4G LTE network, the first name comes to us is Verizon 4G LTE wireless broadband. It is 10 times faster than 3G. Easily you can accomplish download speeds ranging 5 to 12 Mbps per second and upload Speeds 2 to 5 Mbps which is a good speed indeed. Additionally, peak download speed is gin going to be 50 Mbps. Where cable and Satellite internet speed is going to be 50 Mbps.

How to Check Internet Speed

There are many tools to check the internet speed and it is important to measure the 4G speed. So we are giving some tools to make sure you can check this speed.


When you are checking the speed of 4G with Wi-Fi speed, it is simple check. Speedtest.net is one of the platforms where you can check the speed. It is a site that measures the speed and can give you a comparative view of other internet service providers.

Why choosing 4G LTE speed?

People are not confined to a single place and they have to move to different places for different purposes. If they should have stay with the internet, then cable internet is no more a good option. But the speed is really important factor to make sure heavy work can be completed with the help of cable network. Additionally, in the place where there is no cable internet but heavy online works are to be done. In that place, 4G LTE service is the last option to go.

Is this 4G plan limited to internet? No, it should not be like that. Limited feature for internet can stop you at any place where the importance of online works is so much. So, the internet service provider surely provides hotspot service with the help of 4G LTE service that is considered as unlimited 4G to make sure the heavy works can be done in timely manner.

For example, in New York, the speeds of 4G but right now 5G is approaching fast so the speed is really faster than anything else. This speed also remains under the carriers advertised range to 5 to 12 Mbps.

Who are 4G Providers

Mainly there are three major 4G internet service providers which are Clear/Sprint WiMax, T-Mobile HSPA+ and Verizon LTE which can be best suited for home service for unlimited internet. So, you just know their features in brief

MetroPCS Unlimited internet plan

MetroPCS is a great name for unlimited internet that provides you with unlimited internet at the rate of $50 and this price includes fees and taxes. This carrier also provides 5 GB of data of high-speed internet to make sure you can make phone calls and stream videos.

Sprint Unlimited Data Plan

Sprint is another giant name in the name of internet providers. It provides you unlimited internet at lowest price with great features. The unlimited basic plans start from $60 that includes reduced mobile hotspot data to 500 Mb from the initial 10GB. Additionally, these carriers under this plan provide video streaming with 480p quality. More importantly you can have a free subscription of Hulu to customers and allow them to have easy access to many services abroad such as basic data and free texting.

Verizon Go Unlimited Internet Data plan

For the speed issue with 4G LTE, Verizon is really a dependable name in terms of internet. The price of this plan comes at $75 individual plans but there is no cost of fees and taxes. Under this program, there is DVD quality of streaming and it also allows a hotspot usage of unlimited data at 600Kbps. So, you can have a good deal to go with Verizon Go Unlimited Internet data plan to feed the needs of cable internet.

Final Verdict

So, it is common to say that 4G LTE internet can be best option when you are out of the house and your location is covered with broadband internet. For this there are some best carriers who are providing different plans that you may choose for unlimited internet.

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