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How impactful is Search Engine Marketing?



How impactful is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is one of the rapidly growing marketing channels in today’s world of online marketing. Considered a great pathway to generate better web traffic, SEM walks hand-in-hand with SEO and content marketing to help your brand gain a better exposure. It is a very impactful tool, if and when used in the right way, can even help your brand come on the top of SERP over Google, Bing, and all other search engines. 

Earlier, Search Engine Marketing was used as an umbrella term for two fundamental areas; marketing based on online search and SEO. However, with regular updates and changing practices of online marketing, various realms have been added. However, now the concept of Search Engine Optimization and Search engine marketing are entirely different. While SEM refers to the method of paid advertising within a search engine, SEO deals with the optimization of your company website to hold a higher rank over SERP and reach out to the target audience organically. 

Why is it essential to run SEM?

Now that you know what SEM is all about, the next question which is very likely to pop up is: Why is it essential to run SEM? Broadly speaking, there are different reasons which can be put forth to describe the necessity of SEM. Clients often insist on paid search advertising services. In this article, you will know about the main reasons which claim that SEM is an essential pillar to support any digital marketing campaign:

  • To earn more money: The prime reason which drives digital marketing agency to pitch for SEM is to make better money while the business uses it to gain better profits. The search engines like Yandex and Bing provide a good playground for search ads and help bring home money, while in the case of Google, the business got some hard data for proving. As per Google, if any company is investing in Adwords, they will likely double their investment. 

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  • To focus on conversion: The main goal of marketing campaigns is, no doubt, money creation. However, apart from that, SEM is also responsible for meeting various other marketing campaigns, which roughly include: fresh subscribers, signups for newsletters, and contest entries. SEM works like a conversion driver for all marketing campaigns. Paid Ads are directly linked with the landing pages, improving the conversion rate for your company. These landing pages usually move the web traffic through a sales funnel. You can keep track of them and learn about their wishes and choices in a better way, taking you close to the opportunity where you can easily convert the incoming traffic into potential leads. 
  • To increase brand awareness: Although SEM is considered at the bottom of any sales funnel, it plays an impactful role in creating brand awareness. According to Google, search ads can increase the exposure of your brand by 80%. Even if the paid ads do not get clicked, the brand names are visible to the searchers. They can go through the ad visible on the top of the page, read and recognize your product, brand name, and the URL. 

In some instances, the searchers also notice the ads when they contain specific keywords or search terms directly related to another competitor’s brand. It is because buyers tend to compare things, and when they see ads with exact comparison, they are more likely to get attracted to it.

  • To launch marketing campaigns even from small accounts: The only place where most marketers hesitate is the cost of paid search advertising. Most brands and clients hesitate to the fact that the cost of SEM can cause budget constraints. Well, it is not entirely true. If the SEM is managed correctly, it can double the investment you made, thus getting your potential ROI. When it comes to advertising over Search Engines, you do not have any fixed amount.  You can start with as small as $5 and continue growing over time. Acquisio has led positive SEM to get excellent results for even low budgets, making it easy to access even from small accounts.
  • To capture the local Market: Search Engine Marketing is a vital tool that can increase your website’s traffic and get them converted even at a very nominal budget. If you are a local marketer, the journey with SEM becomes more impactful and worth your investment. Local marketing looks forward to connecting regional businesses with its surrounding community. For instance, if the searcher uses a keyword like ‘best painter near me,’ he will be immediately redirected to a SERP with local business listing and ads of potential businesses available locally.  Working on local SEM ads can work wonders and give your business a boost. It will generate actual foot traffic, giving your brand exposure, and opening up the golden door to earn better profits.
  • To generate immediate results: Unlike SEO and other forms of digital marketing, which focuses more on the concept of ‘long-term’ results, SEM has the potential to get you immediate results. Creating an advertisement hardly takes a few minutes, after which it has to go through an approval process before appearing in the SERP. If you consider the basic average, it takes about one business day to create and launch a new advertisement. Once done, you can sit back to relax while the clicks and potential traffic roll in. The moment your ad is live, the potential leads start coming in through clicks, keeping the sales alive. This is one of the crucial reasons which make SEM easy to launch strategy for boosting your business. However, it is essential to keep you updated worth long–term optimization, too, to bring in better results.

Apart from these impacts, SEM is quite efficient for Mobile Marketing too.  As per an interview of Jose Singer, Vice President of Search and Yahoo Gemini Product at Oath, about the importance of SEM and mobile search, he noted that 2018 would be about “delivering better mobile ads.” He also added saying, “Search ads and search data leveraged to deliver more relevant ad experiences based on user [intent] will be a key part of this growth and evolution.”

If you are looking forward to instant results in conversion and making more money, it is high time for you to become an SEM believer. It can help your brand creep to the top of SERP, along with visual Google shopping campaigns and call-based campaigns. It is an excellent option for local marketing, too, as it provides a certain level of flexibility to the advertisers and positive results within a short span.