How IT enhances Dissertation Data Analysis and Customer Research

It is the dream of every company to keep increasing on its customer base. The more the customers involved in the business the more the expected returns for the firm hence there is growth of the company. To make this a success there should be constant and improved marketing strategies taken. For marketing to be successful there is need for the company to gather the information of its buyers. The business should check on the site to see the locations of its customers and there should be more focus on areas that have less or no customers. The business should not only focus on getting new customers but it should have an eye on maintaining its existing customer base to avoid losing them. Maintaining the existing customers will need a firm to do regular advertisements and marketing in the areas where it has a strong customer base so as to keep a reminder on them. There is need to collect customer feedback after they have purchased services or products from the firm so that they can know if there is any need for adjustment. Customer feedback on the system should be considered so that to know those who are not satisfied, do the necessary changes and then market the product showing that the changes have been addressed (Vag, 2007). With these mechanisms observed there will be enough information to be used for future marketing.

To ensure that the proposed system will continue to be effective after it has been put in place the company should educate its employees on the use of the e commerce site and its advantages. When the staff is fully satisfied with the system data analysis homework help the firm market it since they will talk positively about it encouraging more customers towards the products of the business. Satisfaction of every system to the customers must always start with that one for the employees who will operate and manage them. For employees to be satisfied they should be involved during the implementation. Once they are satisfied they will work towards ensuring the customers of the firm are satisfied hence the customer base will be well maintained.

            As a conclusion for this research paper, it is the duty for every business to have in place the latest technology and ensure it is well utilized. Security of these systems should be a key issue so that there are limited external attacks. Before the system is fully in use the employees of the company must be given a chance to share their views so that they will be satisfied with it and help the company in marketing it. When employees are not involved in the decision making they may have some negativity towards it and may end up spreading negative attitudes to the customers. The negative attitude from the employees reaches the customers who develop their own negativity hence the market for the new technology is limited. Finally the proposed system should be able to operate on much lesser cost compared to the one in use and the returns should be better in comparison to the expenses incurred. Cost of the system may vary due to the size of the organization. What may be assumed to be expensive may end up being cheap in another firm hence firms should first understand their financial muscle before buying a system.

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