How Social Distancing Floor Decals Are Helping Beat Back the Covid Pandemic

Every now and then we humans need a bit of a reminder to keep away from danger. Traffic lights, warning signs and disclaimers are just a few examples, and now we have floor decals to show us how to distance ourselves to minimize getting COVID-19.

CustomSticker website can produce quality, colorful and attractive stickers and decals to point customers in the right direction or guide them where to stand or wait. It can also serve to spread brand awareness and used for marketing campaigns.

Social Distancing and Its Importance

Social distancing is one of the key components to beating the corona virus in its own game. It’s a tool that’s proven to reduce the spreading of a disease by making it more difficult to be passed from one person to another.

Aside from the requisite face mask, it’s recommended that a 6 feet distance between people should eliminate the chances of the virus getting passed on. To this end stickers and floor decals can serve as a constant reminder for people to observe social distancing at all times.

How a Custom Sticker Can Help

Instead of in-your-face signs, a floor sticker is a much better way to gently remind those who are in public areas, such as restaurants, malls and corporate offices to observe social distancing.

It’s simple and effective, and has made its way to groceries, markets and checkout stands. Hospitals, banks and health care facilities are already making use of customized stickers to promote their brand and their customer’s health at the same time.

Constant reminder can be an effective tool in battling COVID-19. When a majority of people follow social distancing and wearing face masks the threat of the pandemic is reduced, and the world can slowly return to normal. It’s a practice that can be easily done at all times, but sometimes we’re pre-occupied with life’s many things that we forget to observe it.