How Technology Improves Cannabidiol Bioavailability

One of the common questions that human beings ask about CBD products is the level of their effectiveness. Just like is the case with human beings, you don’t want to expose your pets to something that is potentially harmful. To understand how effective CBD products are for your pets, it is good to look at the bioavailability of CBD products for your pets. 

The team bioavailability basically refers to the amount of CBD products that is getting absorbed in the bloodstream. Just like it is the case with human beings, it is important to pay close attention to CBD for pets when using these products on your loved ones. You don’t want to expose your pet to something that is potentially harmful. 

The most common way of taking CBD products is orally. You can either take it orally or through edibles like baked goods and gummies. The same things apply when you are giving CBD to your pets. Like human beings, the bodies of your pets are not very adept when it comes to CBD absorption. Therefore, close to 80 to 95% of the CBD oil may end up not getting fully absorbed because the body will discard it. Technology is the best way to improve on this element. You don’t want to spend money on a product that will not deliver maximum benefits to your pets. 

The Nanotechnology and CBD for Pets Bioavailability 

Nano technology refers to the process of applying technology to improve the bioavailability of CBD. The process has been looked at on other pet drugs and it is an area that is still under study. You cannot overlook this feature if you want your pets to get maximum benefits from the CBD products that you supply to them. 

The nanotechnology takes place on the molecular level. It reduces the CBD extract to the nanoscopic dimensions. The idea behind this operation is that the nanoparticles will be tiny enough for the body of your pet to process and use. 

To understand how everything works, you need to realize that CBD extracts have lipophilic qualities. The implication here is that it dissolves in fats very easily. CBD also has hydrophobic qualities and hence it does not mix perfectly with water. 

However, after breaking the CBD molecules down to the nanoparticle size, they will act differently. It is not yet clear why this is the case, but after reducing CBD to such a small size, they can now bind more easily to both water and lipids. It is an amazing technology to use in enhancing CBD for pets. 

As the industry keeps on developing at a fast pace, we can only expect more technological advancements and solutions to continue emerging. It is obvious that innovation and science will lead the way for cannabis and hemp businesses. It is crucial for those people who want to jump in the market by themselves and all the people in the tech business. It is exciting to watch what lies for retailers and growers in the coming months and years.