How the Naima App is Guiding Mothers to Successful Deliveries

App Concept:

Pregnancy can be a trying time, especially for new families. You aren’t quite sure what’s right for the baby, what to do, and what not to do, among many other uncertainties that accompany the joy of growing new life. What if you had someone at your constant beck and call to answer any questions that trouble you? What if there was a place you could go to have all your pregnancy worries taken care of? Well, the Naima pregnancy app steps in to offer all these and much more!

Naima Features

Naima is available for download on the PlayStore, and it comes equipped with the following pregnancy aids:

  • BabyBytes: Naima packs a wardrobe of short articles circling pregnancy tips and other important information entailing nutritional and dieting necessities. BabyBytes also covers the fetal development cycle, tests, and more.
  • Birth Plan: With a personalized birth plan to fit every individual mother’s needs, Naima holds your hand, offering timely information throughout the trimesters. Ultimately, it formulates a birth plan to ensure nothing gets in the way of successful delivery.
  • Customized TLC: Naima puts at your fingertips a plethora of experts in every department, from physical health to the emotional aspect. Via one-on-one chats with proven professionals, you can get the assurance and guidance you need.
  • Emotional Health Screening: The mother’s emotional wellbeing is essential and Naima considers that with psychological screening processes. The app helps ease fears and concerns, so the mother maintains a positive mindset.
  • A highly secure platform to ensure all in-app conversations and communications are private and confidential. The app also encompasses an analytics section offering insightful and helpful pregnancy statistics resulting from a daily tracker. 

How Naima works

Naima groups all pregnancy needs into various categories. You can access the exact trimester nutrition through the Birth Plan, customizable to your physiology, and take quizzes to test what you’ve learned, so you stay on top of things. An AI Emotional Assessment test evaluates your mental status through a series of strategic questions and recommends actions depending on the results. Moreover, another section offers you a list of certified pregnancy coaches and experts you can talk with about pregnancy matters. 

Why Naima is head and shoulders above the rest

Naima treads where none have gone before, combining the best of artificial intelligence with a rooster of word-class professionals in various departments, essential to a successful pregnancy. The app tends not only to the physical well being of both mother and baby but also to the emotional needs often overlooked during this time, yet perhaps crucially important. The other partner is also not left out of the equation. 

Holistic and helpful in every prenatal way, Naima is the app all pregnant women should have by their side!

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